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Conditions update… The year of the Rockies?

The Rockies continue to offer opportunities for big lines. I’m certainly not going to make any predictions on the weather this season! But if we’ve had this much good stability and “spring-like” conditions, ...
Ready for action.
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Early Adopter Review: Marker Kingpin

The New Marker Kingpin... Worth the weight? When the Marker Kingpin first hit the Intertubes last fall, it created quite a buzz. Backcountry gear nerds everywhere salivated. With an alpine-style, step-in hee...

Big week of Lines in the Rockies

Rockies Conditions Update Feb. 4, 2015 Hjertaas and Rubens have been on a Rockies crushfest of late. Here's Rubens plowing up the gnar above Taylor Lake... It’s been a great week in the Rockies with unse...