“Follow the Volkl BMT team as they explore the remote Rishiri Island off the coast of Hokkaido, Japan.  Ingrid Backstrom, Christina Lusti,  Austin Ross and Stian Hagen battle strong winds and challenging conditions to summit and ski this rarely visited and skied Volcano in the Japanese sea.”


Filmed and edited by Fred Arne Wergeland

unnamed (1)

Rishiri, ablaze in the Northern Japanese sun. Photo: Stian Hagen


Tranquil moments on the ridge of Rishiri. Photo: Stian Hagen

unnamed (2)

Christina Lusti, on the gravity-assisted side of the ski touring equation. Photo: Stian Hagen

unnamed (3)

Austin and Ingrid: one foot, two foot, one foot, two. Photo: Stian Hagen

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