Dwayne and Blaine’s Whistler Conditions Report – Grey Cup Sunday

When we got all that rain last week in Whistler, I thought we were done for eh. It was a full monsoon pretty high up and my brother Dwayne and I thought we were gonna have to move back to Calgary for the season.

It just totally dumped there eh.


Saw our buddy Darrel up on the slopes and he boarded the shit outta this snow wave.    Photo: Dwayne Wolokowski

But now that the sun’s out and we’re walkin’ around, the boardin’s actually really frickin’ good up high.

And the Stamps won the cup on Sunday, so unless you’re a powder-hatin’ Tigercats fan, it was a pretty epic weekend.


#GOSTAMPS   Photo: Dwayne Wolokowski

Dwayne was so sure the boardin’ would be crappy on Sunday that he didn’t even wanna hit the slopes. He just wanted to stay at home and do prep for his world famous Grey Cup nachos (he makes ’em with All Dressed chips eh).

But he was pretty fired up once we got up in the alpine and saw how filled in it was.


Hey Dwayne! Don’t forget those All Dressed chips…

“Some of these lines are more filled in than they were last season eh,” he said.

And he was right eh.

It’s still really haggard below 1800 metres , but that didn’t stop Dwayne and I from riding all the way down to Lot 7 on Blackcomb. We only had to take our boards off once eh.

Better than downloading, like Edmonton Eskimo fans.


This one’s of our buddy from back home in Alberta eh….These guys scored some tasty inbounds riding at Lake Louise before the Stampeders wiped their asses with the Tigercats.   Photo: Terry Cransten

Ed’s Note: Check out the Latest Avalanche Bulletin from the Whistler area here: 


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