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Conquering the Useless made its Canadian debut in Revelstoke this weekend to an amped, all ages crowd of supportive skiers. We wanted to see the show, so we hopped in RavenOne and drove from Golden BC to Revelstoke for the night. Announcing the show was home-town hero Chris Rubens, who is one of the 4 skiers in the flick. Chris was joined on-stage by the always animated Marty Schaffer from CaPow and together the two of them announced the CaPow Fun-ed, which is a fund they have created to help youth get avalanche education. (Biglines will post more details on this soon but you can email here for more info in the mean time.)  The event took place in the incredible new  Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre, which is located within the Revelstoke Secondary School. This is a quality venue for a film premier with seating for over 200 people, great sound and a huge screen. The people of Revelstoke are lucky to have such a killer venue.

After throwing out some swag, which was rightfully targeted at the youth in the audience, the crowd was entertained by the film. Biglines was stoked to get a second of fame as they showed one of our stickers on the cabin the boys went to near Stewart. The movie was full of personality, which comes naturally from the main character Cody Townsend. Cody’s journey to try something new with his ski season sent him on a unique path and the movie follows his antics. He ends up in the gnar with Rubens and Dave Treadway on the final trip of the movie and the boys seems to have a wild adventure. All the emotions of big mountain skiing get covered and the show is an interesting look inside of the motivations of the athletes. The movie is absolutely worth seeing and another worthy media accomplishment for veteran Rubens, who always seems to find himself in amazing moments.

The next showing in Canada is at Freshtival on Saturday Oct. 17.

After the show the over 19 crowd raced to the Village Idiot. The first 100 through the door got a free pint. Things stayed pretty tame, we think. Actually we left early and pinned it back to Golden in the dark.

Arriving just in time at the Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre

Arriving just in time at the Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre

Revy CTU-4

Chris Rubens just about to go on stage.

Revy CTU-2

Marty Schaffer of CaPow Guiding greeting people as they entered.

3 local badass skiers: Sean Cochrane, Greg Hill and CJ Wright.

Sean Cochrane, Greg Hill and CJ Wright dropped in to see the show.

Izzy and Zoya Lynch

Izzy and Zoya Lynch

Revy CTU

Emma Mains. Stoked as always.

Revy CTU-8

Chris Rubens introducing the movie.

Marty Schaffer announcing the CaPow Avalanche safety fund.

Marty Schaffer announcing the CaPow Fun-ed avalanche education fund.

Free Sh#t! What's a movie premier without it?

Free Sh#t! What’s a movie premier without it?

Raven One parked in front of the after party at the Village Idiot. #soberOctober

Raven One parked in front of the after party at the Village Idiot. #soberOctober



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