Here’s a Mt. Bryce wingsuit descent Trent Conroy opened with Aurelien Chatard, in Canada. Epic in every sense. 100km approach on a logging road. Then a solid 4 hour+ hike from the car, across a river, and up steep scree, to the glacier where they slept overnight. Super early start to beat the melting snow, 3 hours up a steep snow slope to the summit, then a couple more hours to get down to the exit and geared up. Nice flight, although the last 1000m is a skydive. Next time they said they’d head right after the glacier to stay with the terrain, landing on another logging road. This one has 2500m total flyable altitude, making it the biggest jump in Canada, and all of North America I believe. Super special thanks to Tash and Val, for hiking down with the tents and our sleeping bags.
Music: Feeding back forwards, by Globular

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