We feel the need to add to the rhetoric out there about the correlations between snowfall accumulations and avalanche conditions. Our rule of #getitgood is always qualified by #dontdietryin and vigilance is required this holiday season. LaNina 2016 has been good to us in Western Canada. For the most part there has been a steady flow of precipitation that allowed us to get it good starting in early September. The last couple weeks, however, have seen sustained high pressure and colder temps that have allowed surface hoar to grow. Now we are seeing another big load get blown into to all our valleys and avalanche conditions, which have been amazingly good, are now reflecting the likelihood of unstable interfaces. We love the stoke, it’s what drives us, but please be cautious out there. The froth that new powder brings needs to be tempered with the fact that things could be unstable for a bit. Please have fun but play safe.

Crazy good snow vibes are coming in from all over western Canada.


Morning surprise. #laninalives #vivalanina ❄️❄️❄️?

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Location: PowTown, today is going to be a good day. @thule @thegearshop @revelstoke @seerevelstoke

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HOWEVER, there’s a lot of RED in the avalanche reports from Avalanche Canada


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#getitgood #dontdietryin


Much love.

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