There are 2 Wrangle the Chute’s this year at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. The first, 2 star event will be held in the original venue on CPR ridge near the Stairway to Heaven lift base.  On Feb 16 we poked around the venue to see what conditions are like. Here’s a few iPhone pics of the zone to give you an idea of what the competitors will be dealing with.


Overall the coverage this year is really good. In year’s past we’ve seen a lot more hollow snow around the rocks and trees but this year things are filled in nicely.


Some of the lines are even fresh still.


Got young knees?


Powder and packed powder into semi soft landings.


Send ‘er!


Send ‘er to pillow double?


Send ‘er to pillow and  straightline to the podium?


See ya there?

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