Recent snowstorms and the promise of good weather inspired Aaron Bernasconi from Mountain MotorSports and I to venture out to Quartz Creek on Nov. 10, 2014.

loaded up at Mountain MotorSports

We drove past the kiosk booth for a few kms on a plowed road until the snow got too deep to drive more. There has been a ton of activity up Quartz this summer. There are significant new clear cuts along the road, which could be a slide risk  later in the season. There’s also been a lot of gold mining up there this season and there’s machinery etc. a lot of places.

We unloaded the trucks and sledded along the road in. There we some creeks that we had to cross and some interesting route finding to get to the cabin. Beginner to intermediate sledders, or anyone not in adventure mode might not enjoy this process. After some sporty moves we arrived at Quartz cabin.

creek crossing

some sporty trail breaking.


60 cms of snow at cabin (1930m)

We rode the sleds higher than the cabin and played a bit. We made it everywhere without hitting rocks but we were really careful.

playing above the cabin

We suspected the sledding would be thin so we decided to go for a ski/splitboard tour.

Aaron getting his Blacksheep splitboard from G3 ready.

Nice tour in the sun.

Scouting the Biglines in Area 51

Pit at 2430m. 105cms HS. Rain crust @ 40cms. No sudden planers on shovel compression tests.

the reward

afterwords we sledded to the top.


Still VERY early conditions but an encouraging start to the season. The path in is no gimme and will probably get worse with the snow settling out. One more big storm and things will be a lot better. Come back to and also give the Golden Snowmobile Cluba like on Facebook for more conditions updates.

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