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GNAR is a non-profit freestyle ski club dedicated to training big mountain skills and preparing athletes to compete in big mountain competitions. Our athletes are a group of passionate young skiers (typically 12-18) who want to advance their big mountain skiing abilities.


Golden’s mountains have produced som eof the best skiers in the world…photo: Billy Neilson

photo: Billy Neilson

The coaching staff at GNAR boasts former and current competitive skiers from many different disciplines (racing, freestyle, freeskiing). GNAR coaches take an interdisciplinary approach to their coaching and believe the best skiers are produced by exposing athletes to all the different competitive genres. GNAR skiers will be exposed to mogul skiing, taught how to take air off both natural and manmade features and be encouraged to carve fast turns on groomed terrain.

Most of the coaching and training takes place at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. The terrain offered at Kicking Horse is some of the best in-bounds skiing available in North America and is the perfect breeding ground to develop very high calibre young athletes, given the right coaching environment.

GNAR’s Program Mission: To produce exceptional athletes who are capable of competing at regional, provincial and national levels or are capable of establishing their careers as ski industry professionals.

GNAR’s Core Function: To provide ski terrain analysis and skill development training, instill skier discipline and prepare kids to succeed in big mountain competition events. We also coach athletes to become ambassadors for KHMR at competitions and while skiing at KHMR.

GNAR’s Core Values: We are a non-profit organization that generates enough revenue to maintain operations, and use any surplus funds to serve athlete infrastructure needs such as training equipment, services and supplies, group facilities, team identifiers and year-end events.

Throughout the 2014/15 season GNAR athletes will be filming both their training and competition skiing and producing short edits that will appear periodically on Biglines.

So far this season there are 8 athletes registered for the program, as the winter season approaches we expect more athletes to register. If you are interested in the GNAR program and would like more information please contact Danielle Rosenbaum via email  at



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