The new Proton LT Hoody that will be released this fall is designed for those who push it. It’s extremely light weight at 400g, is very breathable and warm. Making it perfect for the approach and the shred down. This is thanks to the new Fortius 20 fabric witch is super durable as well as the amazing breathability. If you are worried you’ll loose the heat from the breathability, you are mistaken. We used this throughout the event in temperatures below -10 Celsius with only a base layer underneath. Their Coresloft Compact 80 synthetic insulation works. It’s as simple as that. Skin up with it on, through on the shell and your warm for the ski down.

The other piece of gear we are very excited about is the new Alpha Sk 32 backpack. At 1.0kg it is super light weight and made out of weather durable material. Keeping your gear dry and ready for use. The water tight zipper down the side of the backpack is extremely useful to keep transitions between skinning and skiing down to a minimum. The fit of the bag is the best part. It fits extremely tight to your body, feeling as if there is nothing on your back.

The jacket is the Rush LT which needs no introduction. It’s the lightweight touring jacket equipped with Gore-Tex Pro. It weighs nothing in your backpack and if it’s snowing, where it on the skin track to stay dry. It’s hands down our favourite piece of gear  when pared with the F19 Proton LT Hoody. The lifetime warranty makes it a no brainer to own.

The Sabre pants have been keeping us warm and dry. With the Gore-Tex 3L fabric combined with 3L lo-loft soft shell construction. It’s the ultimate combination to stay warm and dry in the mountains. Wether lapping pillows or climbing big lines, these pants are with us.

Thomas Rozsypalek boosting on Blackcomb. Photo- Felix Abraham

Pillows! Photo- Felix Abraham

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