Until October 15th you can save $300 on the regular price of a family season pass and $224 on an adult pass at Lake Louise Ski Resort. Thats some serious money. Below is biglines top five ways to spend the $300 dollars you save making your season as rad as possible.


  1. You could finally replace those crusty old boots that smell like a dead sasquatch in the backseat. You know if your friends are asking you to pull over and let them hitchhike the rest of the way home that none is stoked to ride with you anymore. Do the right thing. Take your $300 bucks and visit the Alpine Sports Boutique located at the hill and hook up a sweet new pair of boots. Your feet will thank you, your friends will thank you. Tell them biglines sent you and receive a blank stare for FREE!
  2. locker

  3. Lets just say you aren’t feeling the new boots idea. The next best thing is hooking up a sweet ass locker right at the hill. Think about it, no more schlepping all of your kids gear from the parking spot thats a quarter mile from the lifts because you were late due to looking for said kids gear.
  4. rockstar

  5. One word. ROCK STAR PARKING. Who among us hasn’t hit the snooze button a few too many times? That warm blissful feeling of drifting back to dreams of spraying skiiers slashing pow turns or doing 90′ method airs over all your haters. Well my rested friend, the early nerd gets the best parking spot. Or do they? For a measly $164 on top of the $300 you already saved you could have the velvet ropes opened and be parking your rusty 96 vw in the company of  diamond encrusted Range Rovers and private helicopters in the VIP parking section. Then you could just roll up at any old time of day safe in the knowledge that the equivalent of your own private handicapped spot awaits!
  6. geto

  7. Splash it around. Let be honest here, it feels pretty damn good to be a gangster. Thats what the song says anyway. The gangster move is to roll up to the bar and buy a round. Just be sure there aren’t more than 43 people at the time. At $7 per beer, any more than that will have you breaking into your own piggy bank. And breaking into an actual piggy bank at the bar isn’t very gangster and also implies that you may have an alcohol problem.
  8. first-ski-holiday-tips-ski-school

  9. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone were as rad as you? If your significant other arrived at the lifts at the same time instead of the usual delay long so long your gear is out of style by the time they arrive. Maybe the weakest link in your posse could use some professional help in the way of lessons from the good folks at the Lake Louise Snow School. With a little proper direction, you all get more than two runs a day and everybody has a stress free ride home free of snide remarks and hurt feelings. Look, were saving relationships here.


So there you have it, 5 ways to spend the $300 saved on your 2015/16 Lake Louise seasons pass. Just be sure to get on it before the deadline of October 15.


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