As a light snow begins to fall on the bustling Tokyo outside his family shop, The Timekeeper delicately assembles his masterwork. In precision clockwork, the mystery lies in the finest details– and the master knows that in a single second of perfect and beautiful synchronicity, there lives an eternity.

Slow motion sequences shot on the Phantom VEO 640s at 1600 frames per second. For 45 minutes of extended ski shots, check out:

The Shadow Campaign: Volume IV

DPS Skis Cinematic presents four short films released in Fall 2017, in association with Outdoor Research

Check out the trailer here:

DPS Cinematic:


Shot on location in Kiroro and Naeba, Japan

Featuring: Stephan Drake, Santiago Guzman, Piers Solomon, Olof Larsson, and Rachael Burks

Executive Producer Dan Benshoff

Produced by Stephan Drake

Directed and Edited by Ben Sturgulewski // Sturgefilm //

Shot by Ben Sturgulewski and Frank Pickell

Original Composition ‘Cajita’ by Joaquin Gomez //

Sound Mix by Joaquin Gomez

Music Management by Bodie Johnson

Opening Music by Kyu Sakamoto – ‘Sukiyaki’

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