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Colin "Fabes Hendry" makes a really good case for moving to Whistler and buying a snowmobile in his latest GoPro edit. It's been a really good season out here on the coast and, as it would appear in this vid...
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It’s Always Sunny In Pemberton

Spent a couple days at the end of january shredding it up with the gang in pemby. Featuring: Fabes, Joel Loverin, Cody Wilson, Graeme Samodien and Grantley Samodien Song: Toes by Glass Animals Filmed and Edi...
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Massive Mountainside Avalanche : Tirol, Austria

By the looks of the tracks on the left side of the screen, some ski tourers were very lucky to have not gotten caught in this hungry Austrian beast of a slide. From what we can tell, four people were actuall...
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Skiers Encounter Snow Leopard in Gulmarg, India

Imagine coming across a rare snow leopard while skiing in the trees of Indian Kashmir. That's what happened to Owen Lansbury, a 42-year-old Australian, who was in a group of five skiers when he captured the ani...
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Sophie Lechasseur – Monashee Powder Session

  "Sophie Lechasseur joined the Laundromat Studios crew as an athlete this past December at Monashee Powder Snowcats. Her passion for skiing fit well with our stoked crew. In this short video, Sophie sh...
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"The last frontier was our final destination goal from the beginning of the season. Alaska, one of the global meccas of backcountry snowboarding. A mission of a journey along the entire way. Camping in a Snow...