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World Surf League Acquires Kelly Slater Wave Co

Check this Today Show report on the man-made wave by Kelly Slater's Wave Company that has been on everyone's lips.  Is there a resort in this world that doesn't want one of these things? Is there a major athlet...

#54 – Colston VB – LPP Season 3

#54 Colston VB - He'll Go Skiing with You   Colston VB is a super interesting character. We connected in Revelstoke during the week...
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Andre Botha Rescues Evan Geiselman at Pipeline

You never know who has your back in heavy situations. Pipeline has killed before and, if it weren't for the heroic efforts of a fellow waterman, it would have undoubtedly claimed the life of an unconscious E...
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Teahupoo Orange Code July 2015

Code Orange at Teahupoo July 2015.  Epic session of a solid southwest swell in Teahupoo Tahiti. Local as Matehau TETOPATA, Matahi DROLLET, Angelo FAREIRE, Raimana VB, Mihimana Braye etc ensured the show. Even...