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Claudia Avon FULL PART

"With a tough snow year in Whistler BC and a very limited budget, Claudia embarked on a journey from Colorado to Alaska in search of snow and big lines." Edit by: Marty Clemens Filmed B...
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"The last frontier was our final destination goal from the beginning of the season. Alaska, one of the global meccas of backcountry snowboarding. A mission of a journey along the entire way. Camping in a Snow...
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Expedition: Freshfields – Part 3

Scotty Newsome and a crew of heavyhittin' splitters from the Eddie Bauer team reap the rewards of waiting out a storm on The Freshfields. Check episodes 1 and 2 here....

The Milky Way Zone – January 5th, 2016

As I write this trip report, I can barely wipe the stupid grin from my face, yesterday with Tommy M I rode one of the top 5 lines of my life. The line we rode yesterday began as an idea after a ‘peek’ ...