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Heli Ski


INTO THE WHITE – Giro Snowboard Team Edit

Kingfisher B.C. was my first ever heli trip and I will definitely remember this one for the rest of my life. I had the chance to join a tight crew of riders including Bryan Fox, Curtis Ciszek, and Nils Mindnich...

Alternate Approach – A Film by Nimbus Independent

Some of the best terrain on the planet can only be accessed by the quick, coordinated, and surgical flight pattern of a helicopter. In this short, Eric Pollard and Karl Fostvedt from Nimbus Independent pack the...
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White Wilderness Heliskiing Promo

Rough job I have sometimes...being the first to check out brand new Heli Ski operations. No girls were up there yet, so having the longest hair on site, I got to be the hot tub model too!...
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Keep Your Tips Up: Stir Crazy | Episode 7

Bad weather socks in Valdez and grounds the crew for days on end. To deal with the cabin fever, Sean, Mark, and Permin do thrift store fashion shows, take fencing, and party in RV's. Their patience is rewarded,...
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Salomon FreeskiTV S04 E06 Deep : Mica Heliskiing

In this blast from the past, Henrik Windstedt, Mark Abma, Mike Douglas and Asmund Thorsen spend a week shredding pillows and trees in some of the deepest snow of the season at Mica Heliskiing in BC....

Eagle Pass Heli-Ski Day Ski Program Review

There are two types of riders: those who have gone heli-skiing and those who want to go. I can finally, after so many years of dreaming, count myself among the latter. Like a 40 year-old virgin, I had my heli c...