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Walking on Skis – Andrew McNab

Andrew McNab is a Revelstoke BC local who's playground consists of some of the best ski touring spots in Canada, Rogers Pass. Check out this Atomic Skis branded webisode that follows Andrew on the daily activit...

#54 – Colston VB – LPP Season 3

#54 Colston VB - He'll Go Skiing with You   Colston VB is a super interesting character. We connected in Revelstoke during the week...
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The Acres: S1|E3 Beach Days

In the third installment of the acres web series, the boys reach for the sunblock, grab their snorkels and head out for some good times at the beach. Riders // @Tkmacrae, @Vinzenzkellair, @Jordykidner, @Jakete...
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The Acres: S1|E2 Sidepockets

In the second instalment of the acres web series, the boys explore deeper into Revelstoke Backcountry. Riders // @Tkmacrae, @Vinzenzkellair, @Jordykidner, @Jaketeuton, @Brodie_Evans2550, and @Wachstavision @af...