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Athlete Edits


Thomas Rozsypalek- Darkside

Had a good couple days lapping Blackcomb during the recent dumpage we had. Bummer that the temps had to climb to the peaks. Looks like more snow is on the way. Hoping for a good bondage between the layers. ...

Trace Cooke – Freedom – ep.1

The first of a 3 part series featuring Trace Cooke. Filmed at Whitewater Ski Resort and in the Kootenay backcountry this episode is all about taking a step back from competing and returning to the roots of skii...

Carter McMillan 2K16

Carter McMillan drops his athlete edit from 2016. He had a killer 2016 season! Skied some big mountains, entered some competitions, and capped it with a trip to France to shred with Candide. One for the books! ...

Kasper Treadway 2.5 Year Old Ski Edit

Kasper Treadway is an incredible skier. You have to see him shred in person to really understand how good he is. Faster than most twice his age, this little phenom has more ski days already racked up than many ...

REVIVAL – Dash Longe – Athlete Edit

For athletes who have chosen to engage in capturing and representing their idea of what is possible through film, it is hard not to become quite attached to the footage they dedicate their lives to. For me it i...

Markus Eder RUIN AND ROSE Athlete Edit – 4K

This past season was like a dream for me. After struggling with the conditions in some of the prior years we got really close to perfect every time this season. What made it special and fun was the crew of film...

Mark Abma RUIN AND ROSE Athlete Edit – 4K

Mark Abma delivers some of the best segments season after season, and this last season was no different. Traveling from Europe to Revelstoke, and finishing in Alaska there is no shortage of tricks, big technica...