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Glen Plake’s Chamonix

When two young and aspiring ski mountaineers follow Glen Plake around Chamonix for a season, it looks something like this. They ski some of the best lines that any of us could ever hope to ride, making the o...

The Funnel of Death: Trip Report

Monday morning, I glance at my phone. Vinny has gotten back to me. “FOD being the funnel of death I’m guessing?" “Yup. That’s the one." “Yeah, got it done two winters ago towards the end of the season from 2...
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Crowfoot 14/12/15

Here's a tasty vid from December 15th of Kevin Hjertas and Martin Lefebvre showing the merits of developing a well-rounded set of mountaineering skills. And it looks like things are setting up nicely in The ...
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#Find_Away: Episode 4 – The Chamonix Experience

Get inside the heads of a couple different skiers as they tackle the high alpine lines of Chamonix. This film by Bjorne Salen features Kye Petersen and "American Dave" making their own mark on the mecca of big ...

The Faces of Dav – The Explorer – EP 4 Part 1

"With the intention of finding new terrain to ski, Chris heads north of the Arctic Circle to the archipelago of Svalbard with Ingrid Backstrom, James Heim, Michelle Parker and long time friend and photographer ...

Sunrise to Sunset on Mount Rainier – November 2014

The bike I’m riding is sliding sideways on an ice-glazed road in backwoods Washington. I get a glimpse of Mount Rainier in the distance but it looks impossibly far away, especially after I hit the asphalt and g...