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The Beyond Series: Mike Douglas – Double Exposure

Freeskiing innovator Mike Douglas has parlayed an illustrious career as an athlete into a second-coming as a writer, filmmaker and emcee, giving a voice to the unsung stories of mountain adventures and adventur...
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Stan Rey – All Day

Stan Rey is a true case study in skiing fortitude, bred by both nature and nurture. When innate predispositions are shaped in the forge of environment, family, and training, a truly capable (yet humble) athlete...
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The Beyond Series: Trailer

Follow the stories of Whistler locals as they pursue their passions, explore their crafts, and feed off the energy of mountain culture in the Beyond Series, a documentary presented by Whistler Blackcomb. Skiers...
Photo: Adam Clark

Faces of Dav – Episode 2

Your time in the mountains can be made or broken by your equipment....In this video, Chris Davenport takes you through what happens in the factory before you let your gear loose on the slopes. ...

Mt. Sir Sandford South Face – First Descent

Mt. Sir Sanford is the highest peak in the Selkirk range in the interior of Canada. The Selkirks, as most know, are the one of the most amazing places in the world to ski. It's therefore surprising that the hig...
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Trapper Snowboards- Built With Heart In Revelstoke, BC

Grab your cloth bag and hit up any Farmers Market across the country. Guaranteed you’ll come home jacked up on local caffeine with a satchel of produce, baked goods, soap on a rope, or some hippy craft of the w...
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Christina “Lusti” Lustenberger Video and Interview

skiing is FUN! from Christina Lusti on Vimeo. When I met Christina Lustenberger 10 years ago we were standing at the bottom of a race course, shivering in downhill suits and looking at our times. It wasn...