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Revi Dreamin

Pretty stoked on how this one turned out! Lil video of my season so far! WATCH IT. LIKE IT. SHARE IT. DO EEEEEET!! 4FRNT Skis Monod Sports, LTD...

K2 Snowboarding presents TURN

Life is just a sequence of turns. Everything turns: Days to nights. Seasons. Water to vapor. The Weather. Clocks. Our snowboards. The Mt. Baker Ski Area Legendary Banked Slalom turned 30 last winter. And we tur...
Nils Mindnich frontside invert

Nils Mindnich 2016/2017 Full Part

Check out recent winner 0f the 31st Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom, Nils Mindnich, slaying backcountry features like they were child's play. His smooth style and the great soundtrack make this video one that...

the black crows, episode 4. Callum Pettit

Cool profile piece on Callum Pettit from Pemberton by Black Crowes skis. Draw inspiration from substances and shapes, visualize then put your curves down onto a surface....

2017 K2 Big Mountain Challenge – Lake Louise

On February 24th & 25th, the K2 Big Mountain Challenge is back for its 14th year.  The 2017 B.M.C. has categories for both skiing and snowboarding for men and women who are 18 and older. Athletes compete on...

2016 AK Footpower – Dane Tudor

Last spring Ian McIntosh invited Griffin Post and I to join him on a camping trip to the Tordrillo mountain range in Alaska, with the objective of climbing and skiing the Razorback Spine Wall.  Razorback is a g...

Thomas Rozsypalek- Darkside

Had a good couple days lapping Blackcomb during the recent dumpage we had. Bummer that the temps had to climb to the peaks. Looks like more snow is on the way. Hoping for a good bondage between the layers. ...