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Roner Vision: Early Season 2011

Erik Roner keeps us laughing with his first edit of the winter 2011/12 season. Roner Vision YouTube description: Winter has arrived! Well kind of...see some early seasons riding in Little Cottonwood Cany...
Trapper Green_0.preview

Trapper Snowboards- Built With Heart In Revelstoke, BC

Grab your cloth bag and hit up any Farmers Market across the country. Guaranteed you’ll come home jacked up on local caffeine with a satchel of produce, baked goods, soap on a rope, or some hippy craft of the w...
CL FB2.preview

Christina “Lusti” Lustenberger Video and Interview

skiing is FUN! from Christina Lusti on Vimeo. When I met Christina Lustenberger 10 years ago we were standing at the bottom of a race course, shivering in downhill suits and looking at our times. It wasn...

Swiss Peaks Neutrality

Swiss Peaks Neutrality from Christopher Rubens on Vimeo. For some spring means, big booters, park shoots and drinking some adult beverages in the sun. While much is the same for me, it also means bigline...

Chris Rubens India Blog 1

This trip starts with a call from Douglas, it is much the same as calls in previous years. Hey Rubens you wanna go to (fill in the blank rad exotic location), it is a super funny question because he and I both ...

Logan Pehota at Wrangle the Chute 2011

Go Pro video from Logan Pehota at Wrangle the Chute 2011. Youtube description: My time at Wrangle the Chute.  It was my first big competition and ended up coming in third. Thanks to all the sponsors and ...
The crowds. Wrangle the Chute Feb 6th 2011. Zoya Lynch Photo

KHMR Wrangle the Chute Finals – Feb 6th 2011

What do you get when you combine hardpack, a monoboard, tight jeans, a fur coat, a chute, a kicker, a bucking bronco, a bad ass poacher and some of the most off the charts skiing you’ll ever see? Day 2 of Wrang...
Jeff Harker- Feb 5 2011. Zoya Lynch photo

KHMR Wrangle the Chute Day 1 – Feb 5th 2011

Sixty seven invited riders saddled up today for Day One of Wrangle the Chute at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. The sun was shining as the event kicked off like a friendly old hoe down at the top of CPR ridge at...