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93N Delivering – December 22nd, 2015

First up, Happy Holidays everyone.  Ma nature has been dishing up amazing riding conditions here in the rockies, I am sure most of us are more than happy with that as a Christmas present. Watching the ...

K-Country Powder – November 17th, 2015

One of the benefits of working in a Splitboard shop is that, after the weekend you have a slew of info on what conditions have been like out in the mountains.  Everyone who rents from us and returns their...

Splitboarding 101 – A Beginner’s Gear Guide

The next time that a snowboarder tells me that they’re going to start skiing because “it’s easier to get around in the backcountry”, I’m going to do the following things to them: -smack them -make them watch ...
Bigger teeth

Prior BC Splitboard 165 – An Honest Review

Nothing in this life is free, not even lunch with your mom. Sure, she may pay for that Beef Dip, but you’ll likely have to explain to her why you’re single and childless at the at the rusty old age of 34. An...
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The Liz Daley Splitboard Binding from Karakoram

Five exclusive splitboard bindings by Karakoram to be auctioned to raise money for the Liz Rocks project, a memorial climbing wall in Liz Daley's memory at Point Defiance park in Tacoma Washington. http://www.l...

Flow State on the Face of Mount Smuts

I yell for him to keep going past me to the boulder lower down the slope.  He shakes his head, as if surprised at hearing my voice. . .a quick glance towards me, and a strange pause in the flow of the riding.  ...

Turning Back from the Edge – Caldron Peak

My original intention was to leave my companions unnamed, so as to take any damnation for our choices on my own head.  They however pointed out that background, experience, and knowledge influence decisions, an...