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“Alaskan Holiday” with the Stolen Paradise Crew

"Tobi, Fips and me spent the last twelve months traveling around the world and one of many highlights was our roadtrip from Seattle to Alaska. In Alaska we spent three unforgettable weeks at Tailgate AK: campin...
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Tofino – Surf Destination at the End of the Road

Once you see how sick the cinematography is in this video, you'll forgive the fact that it's a plug for Subaru. Besides, it's nice to know that Canada has a surfer successful enough to make these kinds of th...
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White Waves – Powsurfing Documentary TEASER

"White Waves explores the history and current state of POWDERSURFING; a unique blend of surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. See how this style of riding mountains without any form of binding has emerged f...
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Low Hanging Fruit

Splitboard-accessed, binding-free snow surfing in the Interior BC backcountry....
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Claudia Avon – In the Moment TEASER

Claudia Avon is an explosive little nugget of a snowboarder who shows very little fear in the face of gnarly situations. She's decided to focus on big mountain riding in the last few years and her exploits have...
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First big wave swell of the year at Peahi, Maui. Two days of clean conditions surfing the swell from the biggest storm to ever hit the Bering Sea. The swell was far away making for inconsistent sets but it was ...