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#54 – Colston VB – LPP Season 3

#54 Colston VB - He'll Go Skiing with You   Colston VB is a super interesting character. We connected in Revelstoke during the week...
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Claudia Avon FULL PART

"With a tough snow year in Whistler BC and a very limited budget, Claudia embarked on a journey from Colorado to Alaska in search of snow and big lines." Edit by: Marty Clemens Filmed B...
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Skiing during a storm out on the coast near Squamish, BC. It was a great day to ski a couple laps before work. Just powder. That's all. ...
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Colin "Fabes Hendry" makes a really good case for moving to Whistler and buying a snowmobile in his latest GoPro edit. It's been a really good season out here on the coast and, as it would appear in this vid...
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It’s Always Sunny In Pemberton

Spent a couple days at the end of january shredding it up with the gang in pemby. Featuring: Fabes, Joel Loverin, Cody Wilson, Graeme Samodien and Grantley Samodien Song: Toes by Glass Animals Filmed and Edi...