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Boarding with Fabes and Friends III

This season has been challenging for snow conditions for sure.  Luckily when it has been good, it's been all time.  Take a look at what me and the boys have been up too over the past few weeks, in the first edi...
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Thomas Rozsypalek 2013/14

Skiing at whistler Blackomb last year and ski touring up the Duffy. Had lots of fun even though my back was destroyed the better half of the season. Thanks to Rossignol, Swany Gloves, Char Poles, and Intuition ...
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Late – Salomon Freeski TV S8 E04

Every new ski season starts with the optimism that this will be the best season ever. When the snow doesn't show up, skiers will go to ridiculous lengths to make it happen. Music: 'Boys' by Bryan John Appl...
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Stan Rey – All Day

Stan Rey is a true case study in skiing fortitude, bred by both nature and nurture. When innate predispositions are shaped in the forge of environment, family, and training, a truly capable (yet humble) athlete...