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#54 – Colston VB – LPP Season 3

#54 Colston VB - He'll Go Skiing with You   Colston VB is a super interesting character. We connected in Revelstoke during the week...

Kick Ass Downhill at KHMR

Challenge your friends & family in this winter’s most entertaining race! The Kick-Ass Downhill is a family-friendly event, in which each racer is timed as they go through a series of banked & gated turn...
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The Acres: S1|E3 Beach Days

In the third installment of the acres web series, the boys reach for the sunblock, grab their snorkels and head out for some good times at the beach. Riders // @Tkmacrae, @Vinzenzkellair, @Jordykidner, @Jakete...

Wrangle The Chute 2016 -2 Star Venue Checkout

There are 2 Wrangle the Chute's this year at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. The first, 2 star event will be held in the original venue on CPR ridge near the Stairway to Heaven lift base.  On Feb 16 we poked aro...