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Markus Eder – MSP Mondays – Powder TV

This young Italian buck skis smooth like butter and throws technical freestyle moves in the most unlikely places. His MSP Monday remix from Days of my Youth is one of the best ones yet. Check it! ...
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Great Days 17: Wide-Eyed in the Alps

"When Leo Ahrens and Zach Halverson traveled to Europe, it was their first time in the Alps and they were not quite sure what to expect. Upon arrival they were greeted with an unsettled weather pattern that alt...
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Jérémie Heitz – Swiss Skier

This guy finished 3rd overall on the FWT last year. After watching this video, it's hard to believe he wasn't first. He's definitely one of the guys to keep an eye on this upcoming competitive season....
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Trial and Error – Whiteroom Productions

Here's a trailer for a rad movie from across the pond. You can rent or buy it at: But in the meantime, watch the trailer and get stoked on those dropping temperatures......
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Xavier De Le Rue – Full Part from Nation

"When you think of the gnarliest snowboarder on the planet, usually one name comes to mind. That name is Xavier De Le Rue. Xavier has done some of the craziest, and steepest lines in all of snowboarding, and th...
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Fabian Lentsch Rails the Most Insane Comp Line Ever

Excuse me while I pick my jaw back up off the floor. This is Fabian Lentsch sailing his way to victory at a four star FQS event in Obergurgl, and it might just be the most impressive thing you've ever seen a gu...
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Our mission was to get the hell out of Munich ASAP. Where we ended up, didn't matter. Nearly a week had already gone by since Eric got robbed on our arrival day of his precious backpack possessions including hi...