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Holy Shit

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KHMR Gondola Heli Rescue

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kyle Hale and KHMR Safety Team! If you're stuck in a gondola and this guy comes through the door, you know you're in good hands. Props to them and the heli pilots for staying sharp and ...
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Steep and Exposed on Mt Pandareus

G3's most popular video series is back. In #G3POV Episode 3, get James McSkimming's skier's eye view of a steep, exposed and 'not-so-deep' descent of Mt Pandareus in the Tantalus Range, Squamish, BC, Canada...
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Andre Botha Rescues Evan Geiselman at Pipeline

You never know who has your back in heavy situations. Pipeline has killed before and, if it weren't for the heroic efforts of a fellow waterman, it would have undoubtedly claimed the life of an unconscious E...