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Holy Shit

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Dane Tudor’s Fresh New Season Edit

Is there anything this guy can't do? This vid shows Dane laying down his signature style, all buttery smooth and technical, on some fabulous-looking British Columbian terrain. This little edit will pump up y...
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David Gonzalez – The Berrics

Ok Ok Ok, so this is normally the type of thing we'd post in the summer months. But if you wanna learn a thing or two about flow state and the mastery of your chosen craft, watch David Gonzalez shred the absolu...
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World Record Free Solo Slackline -Squamish BC

On August 2nd 2015 Spencer Seabrooke set out to break the world record for the longest free solo slackline ever. He shattered the previous record by 7 meters! The attempt happened near Squamish BC on the gra...
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Mick Fanning Attacked By Shark At J-Bay Open WSL

Here's the 7 minute full version of the live stream of the Mick Fanning shark attack at J-Bay South Africa. According to "The final heat of the 2015 J-Bay Open between Mick Fanning and Julian Wils...

Ashes to Agassiz – Trailer

Sherpas Cinema has been working on a film project called Ashes to Agassiz with freeride mountain bike shredder Graham Agassiz. With the Sherpas and Aggy on the same project, you know it'll be good. Check the tr...
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Avalanche! Run Rabbit Run….

I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure that this footage of a white rabbit running across a gnarly, wet avalanche in Russia might just break the internet....
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10 Years of Gaper Days – BEST OF

My FOMO was in full effect yesterday as I knew that legions of costumed skiers and snowboarders were unleashing themselves on the closing day of Whistler Mountain for the tenth annual Gaper Day. That debauch...
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Kilian Martin: Searching Sirocco

Check out this short skate film that Rolling Stone Magazine calls "the most beautiful skateboarding film that you'll ever see." Kilian Martin is like a new-age Rodney Mullen. And even though he comes under f...