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Riley Suhan Style

509 Volume 10 Snowmobile Movie Official Trailer

509 Volume 10 snowmobile movie is a decade in the making. The four time Sledfilm Festival winning company for Best Snowmobile Motion Picture, is back with a high-octane thrill ride. Volume 10 is the milestone t...
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Justin Baun – Season Edit 2015

Justin Baun's name has been synonymous with snowboarding in Golden since long before the mountain town was anybody's radar. Born and raised there, he and his crew used to shred Whitetooth Mountain, Kicking Hors...
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Let the Good Times Roll – Episode 3

As far as weather goes, Golden, BC has to be one of he most strategically-placed shred towns in the world. While most of Western Canada has been suffering through one of the strangest, warmest and worst winters...
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Mount Arras

Trevor Sexsmith is a Golden-based shredder who has a real knack for getting after big lines. We just came across this vid of him missioning his way via snowmobile to the bottom of Mount Arras, a beastly peak ab...
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Tanner Hall’n – Episode 1

It's so rad that the Montana-bred "Ski Boss" seems to be calling Canada home these days. And he really does seem to be enjoying the finer things in, reefer, reggae, pillows and pow. While Canada'...
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Making Pineapple Lemonade

Having some fun in February in the coast mountains with some fun minded individuals. Being excited for over 10 cms is kinda weird !...
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Powder Snow in Pemberton – Jan.20th, 2014

In a time where there's barely any cold snow to be found across the globe, we managed to get lucky and score in our backyard of Pemberton BC. Willie Goldman, Danny Jendral, Timmy Treadway and I enjoyed playi...