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Boarding with Fabes and Friends III

This season has been challenging for snow conditions for sure.  Luckily when it has been good, it's been all time.  Take a look at what me and the boys have been up too over the past few weeks, in the first edi...
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Snowmobiler Avalanche Burial – Jan 10, 2015

This is a video a snowmobiler avalanche burial that occurs in a creek bed feature near Valemount BC. Luckily his buddy is right there to pull him out. It's a good video to understand terrain and how easily a sm...
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Claudia Avon “In the Moment” Full Part

This is what happens when a really good snowboarder from Quebec decides to focus on backcountry pursuits. Claudia Avon has always been an amazing snowboarder, but now she's getting down to business on the kind ...
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Wasted Youth – Short and Painful

Wasted Youth? No way. These Revy kids are making it count. And it sure is fun to watch... Brought to you in part by: Drink Whiskey Society Snow And Skate Featuring The Comradery Of: Taylor Roberts K...

Golden, BC Conditions Report – Nov.10th

Recent snowstorms and the promise of good weather inspired Aaron Bernasconi from Mountain MotorSports and I to venture out to Quartz Creek on Nov. 10, 2014. We drove past the kiosk booth for a few km...
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Meatsaw Down

There are a lot of people out there who would have crossed paths with Tavis Menzies. He was a mountain-trotting gem of a human being who made a massive impression anywhere he went. He died in a car crash in ...
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Ave Perry’s Golden Dreams 2014

Golden Rider Productions presents - Golden Dreams Winter 13/14 A snowboarding movie filmed in the mountains of BC! Chatter Ck, Retallack lodge, kickinghorse mtn resort, the purcells, the selkirks and the rockie...