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Snow Falls and Avalanche Conditions Spike

We feel the need to add to the rhetoric out there about the correlations between snowfall accumulations and avalanche conditions. Our rule of #getitgood is always qualified by #dontdietryin and vigilance is req...
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Huge Natural Avalanche Filmed from Roadside

Imagine driving along and seeing this massive of cloud of snow dust coming down across the valley. At first you think no big deal, it's far away. Then you start backing up because hey, that sucker might just hi...
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Massive Avalanche Dusts French Town of Bessans

The town of Bessans was engulfed in the dust cloud of a large avalanche on Jan 12, 2016. It doesn't look like anyone would have been hurt but it probably had some people worried for a few minutes....

Hangfire Avalanche Training – 2016 Course Dates

Hangfire Avalanche Training provides Avalanche Safety Training (AST) 1 and AST2 courses to skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers throughout western Canada. The company's vision has been to develop avalanche tra...
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Avalanches and the American Dream w Sean Pettit

Check out this sweet video of K2 athlete Sean Pettit and Liberty ski's Joe Schuster gettin buck wild in deep pow south of the boarder with Pep Fujas. Backcountry freestyle abounds as these dudes kill it in deep...