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Lake Louise

Birth Canal

Conditions update… The year of the Rockies?

The Rockies continue to offer opportunities for big lines. I’m certainly not going to make any predictions on the weather this season! But if we’ve had this much good stability and “spring-like” conditions, ...
sunshine village hot tub

Accommodation Choices for Your Spring Break Getaway

If you haven’t already booked your Spring Break getaway it should be top of mind.   With one of the longest ski seasons in North America, skiing the Canadian Rockies becomes more and more tempting as our base g...

The Big One – Mt.Temple SE Face First Descent

Ed's Note: This is a repost from Ruari Macfarlane's Blog... June 1st, 2014: Unfortunately, I’d been awake for 24hrs at this point due to long day the day before.  Coincidentally 1 year to the day after my fi...

Mountain Magic Tour

K. So the shredding in Western Canada isn't so shit hot right now. And for those of us who can't afford to hop on a flight to Japan and/or Europe and/or Vermont, the kneejerk reaction is to party...HARD. So ...