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Deep Winter 2017 – Michael Overbeck

Shot over 72 hours at Whistler Blackcomb in early January for the Samsung Deep Winter Photo Competition. Photography & Editing - Michael Overbeck Skiers - Malcolm Watson, JF Plouffe, Jackson Bathgate &...
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Snowmads: Fresh Tracks in Iran

What happens when you take an old fire truck and refurbish it into the ultimate ski-mobile, pack it full with professional skier Fabian Lentsch and his crew of Snowmads , and hit the road on a massive road trip...
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Skiers Encounter Snow Leopard in Gulmarg, India

Imagine coming across a rare snow leopard while skiing in the trees of Indian Kashmir. That's what happened to Owen Lansbury, a 42-year-old Australian, who was in a group of five skiers when he captured the ani...
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Centriphone – An iPhone Video Experiment

Centriphone, like centrifuge. Check this very cool perspective shot entirely with an Iphone.  Nicolas Vuignier created some sort of rig for his phone to capture a bullet time effect as he make some sweet turns ...
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Sun Dog: The Happiest Dog on Earth

Sun Dog: The Happiest Dog on Earth is a bit of an older video but we think it has a certain timeless quality about it. A boy and his dog spending the day doing what each like likes best. It kinda hits us right ...
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Skiing Snowboarding Times Square

Skiing and Snowboarding in Times Square NYC is pretty cool. I mean how many opportunities are there to pull this off? And who could pull it off better than YouTube celebrity Casey Neistat? Anything he touches p...