Scarpa Freedom RS 130 Ski Boot – Gear Review

I've been testing the Scarpa Freedom RS 130 freeride ski boot to review for the 201/17 season and it's time to weigh in on my thoughts and experiences about the product.  The Scarpa Freedom RS 130 is a high-qua...
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Mountain Hardwear Hellgate Jacket Pants REVIEW

I have been product testing the Mountain Hardwear Hellgate jacket and pants this month and there are a several things I really like and a couple of things that dislike about the jacket/pants combo. I have used ...

Splitboarding 101 – A Beginner’s Gear Guide

The next time that a snowboarder tells me that they’re going to start skiing because “it’s easier to get around in the backcountry”, I’m going to do the following things to them: -smack them -make them watch ...

Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell Review

Being on a roadtrip with no music is like being at a party with no beers, chicks and smokes. So when we blew the speakers on my buddy’s van halfway down the west coast of France, we thought we were done for....
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Trapper Snowboards- Built With Heart In Revelstoke, BC

Grab your cloth bag and hit up any Farmers Market across the country. Guaranteed you’ll come home jacked up on local caffeine with a satchel of produce, baked goods, soap on a rope, or some hippy craft of the w...